Saturday, 2 March 2013

Where I am at, at the moment.....

It has been so long since I posted in my blog (Chook's a Scrappin') I can no longer access it so now I can't post to it (August last year to be exact - more on that month later) - oh well... a new phase in my life, a new chapter (or maybe a book) so a new blog to go with it as well.

I live in a different town, Goondiwindi but am very homesick for Wagga Wagga and all my friends down there - miss scrapping with the girls each month - not quite the same trying to keep the mojo happening when you are on your own, basically 24/7.

August last year ended up being the worst month of my life - I ended up being single by the 22nd August and packed and moved 1000kms away by the 28th.  I now life in a high-rise Queenslander - well one half of it anyway (my landlady is in the other half - mmmm) and now share my home with a feline 'vixen' called 'Willow'.   Willow enjoys my scrapbooking so much so that she completed destroyed a layout I had ready for putting together and, mysteriously, quite a few embellishments will probably never see the light of day again - I do believe she may have eaten them as she loves to chew on things.  Maybe she was a dog in a previous life????

I still have my shop, The Scrapbooking Hut, but it just isn't the same up here - no scrap days or get togethers, so I am in the process of trying to lighten the load of stock so I don't have so much to cart back to Wagga when I move back south in a couple of months and then it will be 'watch out wholesalers!! as I restock.

I still enjoy my scrapbooking but just hard to get motivated.  I am on the DT team for Black With Two Challenge, although I did step aside for 5 months while I sorted myself out.  Who would have thought this tough old Chook would end up being diagnosed with depression, anxiety and panic attacks - at least now I know I wasn't going around the bend but just not coping at all which is understandable I guess but I was always a 'suck it up and get on with it' sort of person.  I am getting better, still have my days and know that I cannot miss taking my medication 2 or 3 days in a

I am now working two jobs.  I hit the ground running when I returned from helping out the Rural Fire Service during the fires around Wagga in January. On my back to Gundi towards the end of January, I received two phones calls requesting interviews for the next day - I started work at both jobs two days later - one is a motel cleaner for Country Roads Motor Inn and the other is a Console Operator with Coles Express - some days I do catch my tail and bite myself on the bum...hehehe.

Anyway I am off to try and make this blog a little prettier than it is at present
Cheers and hugs to all


  1. Oh Di can't wait for you to come back and join us in the crop days

  2. Same here Kim - but it will now be May at least - need to earn the dollars up here when they are available - Coles Express Manager is getting her knee reworked and I have her shifts so I am not passing that up xxx